The Travelling Fine Art Photographer

Daily Small Deaths 

By Eden Luke McIntyre


I hang from her words

Like the storied mountains 

she has climbed

The lines notating my face

Born not by time but exposure

To her beautiful existence.

With verses so tantric,

I ripple at the thought

Of what her skin will say.

The passing eyes around us

Will hold no ownership

To our travelling hands

Embraces lasting longer

Than the clasp of the

Journey we take.

In truth, her casual advent

Has re-written the percussion

Of the single track I walk. 

New stanzas sunrise themselves

Now the punctuation in my life

Follows words I understand.

My days are now defined by

Conceptions of how I will hold her

When our words can be heard.

Sun Rising

A new verse explodes into being,

Scattering a constellation of worry

To the furthest grasp

Of their rising sun.

Another night of alignment

Climaxes to a peak of laughter,

Arching and clinging to

The dreams to come.

They elope wildly in their sleep

With traffic light romances and 

Colours they can’t discern

Through a waterfall of time.

A small death starts her day;

A reminder of a new life’s birth

And another radiant

Good morning

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